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StrapHunter lists watch strap stores, features product reviews, and brings latest industry news and editorial content

The origin story

Did you know that one of the best pass-through straps comes from Sweden? Neither did I.

I remember digging through the Watchuseek looking for a recommendation for a comfy nato when I stumbled upon a random reply recommending Singular Straps. Another Chrome bookmark was added.

A few days later I gave it a shot. Singular's site was in the Swedish language, but I managed to complete a purchase and buy a few straps.

Long story short, I became a returning customer.

Fast forward a few years and here we are. All my bookmarks, Instagram saves, random notes, and spreadsheets finally came to life as the StrapHunter.

It is a catalog from an enthusiast to enthusiasts.

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This is not a catalog of all watch strap stores

The website now includes a comprehensive listing of watch band stores, curated by our editorial team. While we want to showcase as many stores as possible, we are committed to featuring only those that meet our criteria.

We prioritize stores that offer a distinctive selection of products, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Equally important to us is outstanding customer service and support, ensuring a positive shopping experience for all customers.

We are the strap buyers first, StrapHunter team second

We want to build something we can use to find our next strap purchase. We are scratching our own itch. This is the best way to figure out if the website is of any good. If we cannot find a place to buy a strap from, how can we expect you to do so.

Usefulness above innovation, speed above perfection

Things that are new and novel might not survive the test of time. But useful things always do. That's why we want to create something useful, something our visitors are more likely to use, and continue using.

The same applies to website speed. We would rather spend weeks optimizing the page load speed times, than the same amount of time in perfecting the design or retouching the photos, that you would skim anyways.

No banners, pop-ups, affiliate links, paywalls, filler content...

Like you, we also don't like ads. We don't like obstructive banners or pop-ups. We don't like when people are only recommending affiliate products or stores, instead of giving honest advice.

We do not like SEOed fluff content. If we can say something in two brief paragraphs, then we'll do so. We will not annoy you by writing a boring 2000 words article, just to get some minor SEO benefit

That is why you will not see any of that stuff on the StrapHunter.

We are not about negative reviews, bashing, or shaming, but highlighting the good stuff

At our platform, we firmly believe in focusing on the positive. While we acknowledge that there may be products or brands that are not up to par, we prefer to highlight the good stuff.

We believe that there is great value in showcasing the businesses and products that are doing things right, offering exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Our goal is not to shame or criticize brands that may fall short of our standards, but rather to celebrate those that meet and exceed our expectations. We are committed to maintaining a positive and constructive platform that inspires trust and confidence in the products and brands we showcase.

We believe in transparency

We want to be as transparent and open as possible. We don't keep secrets or hide content behind fancy marketing squeeze pages, subscription walls, or paid features. That's why we are linking to 650+ collections, or constantly updating the deals page. We believe an informed customer is our best customer.

We are opinionated and willing to stand for the right things

For us, it is super important to showcase companies that are true innovators and have original designs rather than those that violate someone's intellectual property or copy designs. This is because supporting and promoting such companies can harm the original creators and discourage them from continuing to innovate.

It also sends a message that it is acceptable to infringe on someone else's ideas or designs, which can ultimately shut down creativity and progress. By highlighting true innovators and original designs, we encourage companies to strive for creativity and originality while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.