Pigskin watch straps

Pigskin leather has a distinctive texture which builds a beautiful patina over time. Watch bands made from this leather are refined, supple and exceptionally durable.

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Why we love them?

Pigskin, a leather similar to cowhide in density, has a supple texture and excellent durability. Despite being thinner than cowhide, pigskin remains flexible with use. An excellent choice for a watch strap.

  • They look better with age
  • Pigskin leather is famous for its thinness
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lightweight on the wrist

  • In the photo: A selection of pigskin straps by Torre Straps.

pigskin watch straps

What it the average price of a pigskin leather strap?

Pigskin straps are not as common as calfskin counterparts, and the average cost is around $80.

The lower-priced options start at around $40, while the premium ones can reach up to $120.

Who sells pigskin straps, any recommended stores?

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Pigskin straps are not as easy to to find as calfskin bands, but we have listed four stores where you can find one for your timepiece.

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Atelier Romane offers exquisite watch straps from France. Crafted with utmost care, they are luxuriously soft, comfortable, and they come in various sizes.

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Bulang and Sons is the home to watch lovers that have a taste for timeless quality and design. They sell an exclusive range of their own leather watch straps.

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