Beads of rice watch bracelets

Stainless steel watch bands that are made of cylindrical or oval-shaped links that resemble beads of rice.

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Why we love them?

First and foremost beads of rice bracelets have a soft drape and great flexibility, making them comfortable to wear.

Also, unlike other accessories that come from the fashion industry, the designs for these bracelets are created by enthusiasts. This means that companies produce beads of rice bands to meet customer demand and ensure compatibility with popular watch models, eliminating any worries about compatibility issues.

What is the average price of beads of rice bracelet?

Beads of rice bracelets can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Prices do not fluctuate, and there are not many super-expensive outliers that push the averages away from the median value.

The average cost of beads of rice bands is around $70.

Who sells bead od rice bands, any recommended stores?

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The following shops provide quality stainless steel bracelets constructed using the beads of rice multilink method.

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B & R Bands is a Brooklyn based company specializing in replacement watch straps and accessories. They deliver a premium product at an affordable price point.

US SHIPPING - starting from $4.29
Int'l SHIPPING - starting from $17.00

Bulang and Sons is the home to watch lovers that have a taste for timeless quality and design. They sell an exclusive range of their own leather watch straps.

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FREE SHIPPING worldwide on all orders above €300

The source for classic vintage-inspired stainless steel watch bracelets, including the original astronaut bracelet, the Komfit/JB Champion-style expandable mesh band.

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders above $200

Premium handmade leather watch straps made in US. Straps have quick-release spring bars, and hand painted edges to improve aesthetics and durability.

Deals & Coupons   Handmade straps

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders above $150
US Standard SHIPPING - only $5.95
Int'l SHIPPING - only $19.95

Strapcode offers a large collection of leather straps, mesh and metal bracelets and other types of products that perfectly fit Seiko, Omega, IWC and other major watch brands.

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FREE US & Int'l SHIPPING on orders above $120
US Standard SHIPPING only $12 on orders below $120
Int'l Standard SHIPPING from $15 on orders below $120

Founded in 2019, StrapHabit is located in Ohio, United States offering a wide range of high-quality and comfortable watch straps in many styles and sizes.

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FREE US SHIPPING on all orders
Int'l SHIPPING - only $11

StrapsCo is a family-run business that is passionate about providing the best selection of watch straps at reasonable prices for all types of watches.

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Express & Priority Options Available

Shop watch straps from the Windup Watch Shop, a one-stop destination for watch straps, watch carrying cases, and more.

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FREE Int'l SHIPPING on all orders above $1500
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UK online shop for all of the best in premium watch straps and top Swiss luxury watches for both men and women.

FREE UK SHIPPING on orders above £100
Royal Mail UK SHIPPING - only £3.95
Int'l Tracked SHIPPING - only £7.95

A French company offering a range of premium watch bands, including steel bracelets, Italian leather straps, nylon pass-through options, and rubber Tropic straps.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - on all orders above €120
Int'l Economy SHIPPING - from €10
Int'l Express SHIPPING - from €20