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Uncle Straps has been successfully providing the watch community with the highest quality, most accurate vintage-inspired bracelets, and straps.

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Uncle Straps leather strap

What types of straps does Uncle Straps sell?

Uncle Straps offers stainless steel bracelets and bands, rubber, and nylon straps.

Width: Uncle Straps' core product is their outstanding metal bracelets. They have a meticulous eye for detail and ensure each custom endlink is specifically designed to fit certain watch models from a particular brand. They offer stainless steel bracelets for Seiko, Omega, Tudor, and other watch brands

Their pass-through straps are available in 20mm and 22mm, and rubber in either 19mm, 20mm or 22mm.

Material: Uncle Straps sells steel bracelets. In addition, they source or manufacture straps made from rubber, nylon, leather, and velcro. They offer several types of nylon: seat-belt, ribbed, and one collection with the Herringbone weave nylon.


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About Uncle Straps

Uncle Straps is offering a product-line for vintage and modern Seiko watches and focuses on products the owner of the company personally likes to wear. He has a simple sales philosophy of not putting his name on items that he doesn't love. If there are any issues with orders, he will handle them immediately.

Larry, the owner of the Uncle Straps, is also working with a ministry in Kenya to help fund projects for feeding, clothing, and educating children in the village of Bungoma.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

Uncle Straps typically has only a couple of promotions per year. In addition, they have the Sale page that they update regularly. The Sale page features discontinued items, along with products that are slightly used or have been returned. Here is a summary of their current and historical deals.

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Previous deals:
St. Patrick's Day 2024: 50% off all green straps.
December 2023: Use the promo code 12DAYS for 40% off our daily deal.
Black Friday 2023: Use the code MERCY2023 for 25% off your order of $50+
Black Friday 2022: 25% off on orders above $50 with the code MERCY2022.

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