Buttero leather watch straps

A watch strap made of durable, high-quality leather with rich color vibrancy, smooth semi-gloss shine, and a lovely character-adding patina that builds over time.

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Why we love them?

Buttero is a high-quality leather that can achieve a rich color vibrancy. That is not so common. The top finish is perfectly smooth with a semi-gloss shine, and the cool thing is that over time, the leather develops a nice patina that adds character and uniqueness.

What it the average price of a Buttero watch strap?

The price for a Buttero watch is fairly consistent between various stores and it sits around $120.

Of course, there are bands that use this leather in the higher price range, usually above $160.

Who sells Buttero watch bands?

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Stores listed below sell quality Buttero leather watch straps.

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Note: Buttero leather is produced in the Conceria Walpier tannery from Italy.

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Premium leather watch straps handcrafted with only the best quality full grain leather. Shop ready-to-wear and custom made watch straps.

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Genteel Handmade creates one-of-a-kind, made to last watch straps. They are crafted entirely by hand using only the finest quality leather.

Handmade straps

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Hong Kong based online store that sells handcrafted leather watch straps. They offer a wide range of bands in many different sizes, colors, and types of leather.

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Strapatelier aims to deliver superior quality watch straps and accessories. They offer an array of handcrafted leather, suede, rubber, canvas, and nylon straps.

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