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Genteel Handmade creates one-of-a-kind, made to last watch straps. They are crafted entirely by hand using only the finest quality leather.

Handmade straps

Cluj, Romania



What types of straps does Genteel Handmade sell?

Genteel Handmade exclusively offers two-piece leather straps.

Width: They offer straps in all widths from 17mm to 24mm. Most of them have the 2mm taper at the buckle side.

As far as the length is concerned you can order a strap in eight available options. For example 105mm/65mm, 125mm/80mm, 130mm/80mm to name a few.

Material: Genteel Handmade uses a variety of leather types, including Buttero, Shell Cordovan, alligator, ostrich Leg, calf, and goat. All leathers are sourced from French tanneries known for their high standards.

The Himalaya leather is sourced from Niloticus crocodile, which is known for its unique gradation of color that evokes the snowy mountains of the Himalayas.

The alligator leather is sourced from the Mississippi Alligator, and offers a unique matte finish and pattern.

The Ostrich Leg Leather is sourced from South Africa and is known for its durability and distinct pattern.


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About Genteel Handmade

Genteel Handmade is a company founded by George, who is passionate about watches and craftsmanship. The company is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind, handmade objects that are made to last and offer a unique experience. They focus on quality and use traditional techniques and exceptional materials.

They also prioritize personalization and attention to detail in order to create unique and long-lasting products that reflect the customer's unique personality. They don't follow trends and don't mass produce.

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Genteel Handmade ships worldwide.

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