Bronze watch straps & bronze buckles and clasps

Bronze watches have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, thanks to their unique aging process that forms a beautiful patina over time. But finding replacement watch straps with matching bronze hardware can be a challenging task.

Kick off your search by focusing on watch brands

Many watch manufacturers offer replacement straps with matching buckles designed specifically for their bronze watch models. Some offer complete bracelets. Check official websites or authorized dealers of those brands.

longines legend diver bronze
The Longines Legend Diver in bronze

Here is the overview of some brands and their bronze offerings:

Brand Product Price range Location
Archimede Leather straps $100 - $200 Germany
Baltic Buckles $30 - $60 France
Christopher Ward Rubber straps $60 - $100 United Kingdom
Laco Leather straps $60 - $100 Germany
Longines Pass-through straps Above $200 France
Oris Bracelets Above $500 Switzerland
Scurfa Rubber straps $30 - $60 United Kingdom
Steinhart Buckles & clasps Below $30
$30 - $60
Zelos Rubber straps $60 - $100 Singapore

Watch strap stores & custom strap makers that sell bronze straps and hardware

Many artisans and custom strap makers can create bespoke watch straps with bronze buckles. Also, some specialty watch accessory stores stock a range of bronze buckles, or straps with a bronze hardware.

bronze watch strap
Lovely handmade strap with bronze buckle by Gunny Straps Official

Click on the retailer's name to learn more, view their shipping details, full contact information and more. Also, you can click on their website link from this table to visit them instantly.

Brand Product Price range Location Contact
B & R Bands Buckles Below $25 United States Website
Bulang and Sons Leather straps Above $100 The Netherlands Website
Crown & Buckle Pass-through straps $25 - $50 United States Website
Fin Watch Straps Buckles $25 - $50 Finland Website
Gunny Straps Leather straps Above $100 Indonesia Website
Monstraps Pass-through straps $25 - $50 Singapore Website
Strapcode Buckles $25 - $50 Hong Kong Website
StrapsCo Buckles Below $25 United States Website
WatchBandit Rubber straps $50 - $100 Germany Website
WatchGecko Clasps $25 - $50
$50 - $100
United Kingdom Website
Watch Obsession Pass-through straps $50 - $100 United Kingdom Website
ZULUDIVER Clasps $25 - $50
$50 - $100
United Kingdom Website

Finally, the obvious solution

You can always purchase any strap available on the market.

The process is straightforward: simply buy the strap of your choice and then detach the bronze buckle from the original strap that came with your watch. Next, remove the buckle from the newly purchased strap and swap it with the bronze one.

Just make sure to buy a strap that has holes for the buckle pin similar to those on your original strap. Typically, a hole punch tool creates round or wide holes.