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Why is your company listed here?

The preferred way we list stores is through our own personal experiences - we have previously purchased straps from you and were impressed with the quality of your products, and the overall customer experience.

Maybe we came across your store on social media or forums and were immediately drawn to what you had to offer.

We are glad to have you here!

Please note: The inclusion of any brand or business on this website does not imply endorsement or affiliation.


Why is your company not listed here?

Unfortunately, we probably haven't come across your site yet 🤷‍♂️

But that is not an obstacle to having you listed. We are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting brands to feature on our site.

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Features for businesses

StrapHunter has numerous FREE resources to promote your strap business:

  • Get your store listed on strap category pages
  • Detailed brand card overview on category pages
  • Showcase your Deals and Offers
  • Get a company profile page
  • Feature your product photos
  • Build trust and improve your reputation
  • Reach a wider, highly-targeted audience (you get the point... we're all watch people here)

We regularly introduce new features.

At this time we do not offer any paid or sponsored features. This means that we do not provide options for banners, ads, sponsored posts, paid reviews, branded stories, category sponsorship, or any other form of paid contributions.


About company profile pages

Company profile pages provide a comprehensive overview of each store we feature on our platform. We believe that it is important for our visitors to have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their purchases.

That is why we provide links to each company's website and Instagram page, as well as detailed shipping information, including costs and the destinations to which they deliver.

We showcase most of their collections and provide links to them, so that our users can easily browse and explore their offerings.

In addition, we provide information about the watch strap sizes they offer and the materials they use in their production.

To further enhance the user experience, we also offer the option for companies to send us photos, which we will use to create a product gallery that showcases their products in more detail. Our aim is to make sure that our featured companies get the exposure and recognition they deserve.

Important remarks about company profile pages

Customer reviews: We have decided not to feature customer reviews. The management of such reviews would result in a large amount of admin work and potentially require addressing a larger number of dissatisfied customers who may be more vocal compared to those who are satisfied.

Cross-referencing: We have made the choice not to reference other stores on a particular company page, whether they are located nearby or offer similar products. Company profile pages are designed to showcase each company individually, and we believe that including references to other businesses would be unfair.

Ads on company pages: We will not display banners, ads, or affiliate links from other stores on a featured business profile pages. We believe that this approach would also be unfair to the businesses that we feature on our website.

Requests for removal & leaving the website

While we will be sorry to see you go if you do decide to leave, we will never make that process complicated. Simply send an email from the company domain or DM from the official brand social media account and we will remove your store, no questions asked.