Ribbed nylon straps

A cool variation of the pass-through strap defined by a ribbed texture in the nylon material used to make the strap

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Why we love them?

Ribbed nylon straps have a super-cool texture and tactile quality. Ribbed material gives a slight vintage look, in contrast to other materials used in the production of pass-through such as seatbelt or standard nylon.

  • Provide a snug and comfortable fit
  • No break-in period required
  • Watch is secure from a spring bar failure
  • They come in a range of colors and styles

In the photo: Unimatic UC-1 on mustard yellow ribbed nylon strap.

mustard yellow ribbed nato strap

What it the average price of a ribbed nylon straps strap?

Ribbed nylon straps are typically budget-friendly, with prices averaging around $30.

Who sells ribbed nylon straps, any recommended stores?

👌 8 stores in the list

The demand for ribbed pass-through straps seems to be increasing and it is expected that they will become more widely available in the near future. Currently, there are 8 listed stores offering them.

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BluShark is a brand of premium nylon, silicone, and leather watch bands. They offer distinct product lines to address the key needs of all watch lovers.

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