Rubber pass-through straps

An upgraded variation of a mil strap design that brings a soft and flexible fit, great durability, resistance to external elements, and uncompromised performance.

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Why we love them?

The choice between rubber, canvas, or nylon pass-through straps ultimately depends on personal preference, but in general rubber natos are a good option when you need maximum water resistance, a snug fit around your wrist, and superb watch security.

  • They do not stretch out when wet
  • Rubber dries instantly
  • Chemical, UV, and salt resistant
  • Comfortable straps, of course

In the photo: Unimatic UC-1 on the Singular Straps' Nato Gummi.

rubber nato watch strap

What it the average price of a rubber mil strap?

Rubber pass-through, which are less common than nylon counterparts, tend to have a higher cost, with the average price being just under $50.

Who sells rubber pass-through, any recommended stores?

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The popularity of rubber pass-through straps is on the rise and soon they will become more readily available. Currently, we have are nine stores listed that offer these straps.

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A company located in the UK specializing in the sale of FKM pass-through straps featuring either sandblasted or black metal hardware.

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Waterproof rubber & made to measure pass-through watch straps. Toughest on the planet!

Handmade straps

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