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A company located in the UK specializing in the sale of FKM pass-through straps featuring either sandblasted or black metal hardware.

United Kingdom



What types of straps does GXFusion sell?

They exclusively offer rubber pass-through watch straps in various colors.

Width: All of their straps come in a width of 20mm.

Material: The pass-through straps in their offering are made from FKM rubber, a material renowned for its strength and gentle feel on the skin, allowing you to wear it comfortably throughout the entire day.


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About GXFusion

GX Fusion originated from the personal experience of its founder, "G," a builder who faced the challenge of protecting his CWC G10 watch from scratches on job sites. Determined to preserve his special gift, he designed a watch case guard that would offer protection without adding bulk. After experimentation with various materials and designs, he successfully created an ideal solution.

Today, GX Fusion is a passionate team of watch enthusiasts. They create and source watch case guards and accessories. Their vision is to redefine watch accessories as style statements, revolutionizing the way timepieces are enhanced, protected, and personalized.

Shipping & delivery

GXFusion ships worldwide.

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