The best watch straps, replacement bands and bracelets tried and tested by our team in real-world use.

premium nato strap by singular straps
Rubber Nato Strap by Yellow Dog Watch Straps
cotton pass-through strap by CNS watch bands

Cotton Strap by CNS Watch Bands


October 6, 2023

SPV 1.5 Velcro Strap by GasGasBones

SPV 1.5 Velcro Strap by GasGasBones


September 20, 2023

perlon strap by crown and buckle

Perlon Strap by Crown & Buckle


September 16, 2023

unimatic stainless steel bracelet
perlon 2.0 by CNS watch bands
Canvas Quick Release Strap by BARTON Watch Bandsp
FKM rubber watch strap

FKM Rubber Strap


July 15, 2023

cross stitch leather strap
Canvas Strap by Singular Straps
crown and buckle standard nato
mustard yellow ribbed strap
haveston canvas strap