Review of the SPV 1.5 Velcro Strap by GasGasBones

In recent times, there has been an increased popularity of velcro and other hook-and-loop straps. From the Tudor FXD to the original Moonswatch, a large number of watch people was introduced to this type of a strap. But before all of them, there is one brand that was a true innovator and leader: GasGasBones. This review showcases their legendary SPV model.

nenad pantelic profile photo Nenad Pantelic • September 20, 2023

gasgasbones spv1.5 velcro watch strap
SPV 1.5 Velcro Strap by GasGasBones StrapHunter rating 83 out of 100
Quality 84
Comfort 85
Design 76
Durability 86

The verdict: The OG hook & loop strap. Comfortable, reliable, and still relevant. Highly recommended, if you manage to find one for sale.

What we like?

  • Almost perfect adjustability
  • Comfort
  • No break-in period required
  • Less stress on the springbars compared by regular nato straps
  • Fully stitched construction
  • Rubber keeper for additional security

What we don't like?

  • Wider than usual straps
  • Metal hardware could be better

The Full Review

Like many other straps I've written about, this one also caught my attention thanks to the TGN guys. It was in Episode 79 when they spoke about an unusual strap from the UK. The strap featured velcro fastener, a deep black color, and a buckle-free construction. It was the GasGasBones.

Fast forward a few years, and I finally managed to buy a strap from GasGasBones. This is the SPV 1.5, equipped with rectangular metal loop hardware.

The easiest way to describe it in a few words: it's a nylon bund strap secured using a hook & loop system. Pretty cool, right?!

Technical details

Brand GasGasBones
Lug width 20mm
Strap width 24mm
Tapering None
Length 290mm
Material Nylon + hook & loop
Lug keeper tabs Sewn-in
Color Black; black stitching
Stitching Full stitch along all edges
Hardware Rectangular stainless steel loop

This strap fits watches with a lug-to-lug measurement ranging from 42mm to 47mm and a wrist size of about 170mm to 210mm.

I really like that with each strap, Carl is also sending two 20mm spring bars and a silicone keeper. The keeper is used to hold velcro-fastened pieces, in case you need that extra security measure.


Carl is a true innovator. When his products appeared, they were a complete novelty in the market. Not only did he release new products, but he also improved, modified, and upgraded them to fit specific use cases and watches.

In the end, GasGasBones held a whole collection of straps.

A very important note is that the company is currently on hiatus. It is unknown whether Carl will resume the sale and production of his straps. Fingers crossed 🤞

Design and Materials

If there's a moment when the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" applies, it's with this watch strap.

I don't intend to write a 1000 words, so I kindly suggest you take a look at these photos below. Thanks!

spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
SPV 1.5 velcro strap by GasGasBones.
spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
The watch is attached like with a bund strap.
spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
Thread the tail-end piece of the strap through the metal loop.
spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
Strap is well-made and suits many different watches.

As you can see, the watch is attached like with a bund strap. Two lug keeper tabs are sewn into the strap itself. Velcro is placed along the entire length of the strap, and the end of the strap is squared off and folded back.

Everything is stitched with quality, and there are no structural flaws.

The only complaint is the average-looking rectangular metal loop. It resembles a piece of folded wire. This is not a flaw but rather a minor complaint. Other GGB models, like SPV1 or SPV2, have a better metal component.

The velcro system is excellent and holds very well. As mentioned before, in the package, you'll also receive two 20mm spring bars and a silicone keeper.

spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
If you prefer, you can use the silicone keeper to provide additional security for the velcro-connected pieces.

The design gives a tactical and military look and feel.

All in all, it has excellent design and construction.

Comfort and Durability

The strap truly excels in the comfort department. Thanks to the use of velcro, you can achieve a perfect fit – not too tight, not too loose, but just right.

spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
It's easy to nail a perfect fit.

Another benefit of this strap is that it doesn't have a pass-through construction. Since the strap doesn't require threading through spring bars and the case, it wraps perfectly around your wrist. It wears like a bund, in a way.

Also, it allows you to attach the watch in any orientation. You can fasten the watch with the metal loop at 12 o'clock, similar to the FXD strap, or at 6 o'clock. The choice is entirely a matter of personal preference. You can attach a watch in the way that suits your daily activities and provides the most comfortable fit.

spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
You can attach the watch in any orientation (metal loop at 6 or 12 o'clock).

A few additional notes about the materials: GGB uses nylon, and the weave is sturdy and heavy-duty. On the wrist... well it feels like nylon. The feeling is not as refined as it is with a canvas pass-through or medium-weave NATO straps.

The strap is fully stitched and well-constructed. There are no weak spots, and the strap appears as though it will last for a long time.

Initial Usage The strap is very comfortable right from the start; there was no need to break it in. It's easy to achieve a perfect fit, and the velcro is strong, securely holding in place.

Two months of use The velcro grip has not loosened, and everything remains as secure as it did on the first day. The stitching is intact, and I cannot detect any physical damage, wear, or tear. The strap still looks and feels like new.

Compatibility and Pairing Recommendation

This is easy: use the GasGasBones strap with any watch, except for fragile vintage dress and wonky chronograph watches. Sport, diver, pilot, and field watches simply shine when paired with this strap.

The strap is substantial enough to firmly hold even large and top-heavy watches. Just keep in mind that the maximum lug-to-lug dimension the SPV 1.5 can accommodate is 47mm.

I've tried it with many regular-sized watches, and they all wore excellently. I also managed to wear it over a thin sweatshirt. The velcro holds tightly, and the overall experience was pretty solid.

spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
Seiko military field watch paired with the SPV 1.5
spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
I love the look of this strap with chronographs.
spv1.5 velcro strap by gasgasbones
The lug keeper tabs are in 20mm, but I don't mind putting a watch with 22mm lugs.

Keep in mind that the sewn-in lug keeper tabs are 20mm in width, but the strap itself is 24mm. This means that the strap wears larger, but it also means it can easily be paired with watches that have 22mm lug spacing. Yeah, you might see a bit of a springbar, but the overall package is balanced and feels great.

Closing Words

As I wore the strap several key elements have stood out. Firstly, its design is brilliant. The SPV 1.5 seamlessly blends form and function. The end results - the strap works pretty well and it remains comfortable throughout.

It's clear that the GBB team put their expertise into making a product that they really care about - a product that scratches their own itch. The SPV was not designed by a committee, and we, other watch enthusiasts appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the GasGasBones is on a break. I hope they come back stronger because their dedication and creativity shouldn't be lost.

Whatever happens, on behalf of StrapHunter, I wish Carl and his team the best of luck in their future endeavors and extend a heartfelt thank you for their contributions to the world of watches.

SPV 1.5 Velcro Strap by GasGasBones StrapHunter rating 83 out of 100