Nenad Pantelic

I’m your host, Nenad Pantelic, responsible for just about everything on this site. I showcase watch strap stores, create product reviews, and bring the latest industry news and editorial content in the blog section.

I live in Serbia and work as a Growth Marketing consultant. Just like you, I spend my day browsing Fratello, Monochrome, WornAndWound, Hodinkee, WatchCrunch, or /r/watches. Just like you, I listen to the TGN podcast and own the "A Man and His Watch" book.

I love changing the straps on my watches. I used to keep all the strap info in one clunky spreadsheet. Eventually, I eventually decided to build StrapHunter and make the data available to watch enthusiasts worldwide.

In my collection, I have a few diver watches, a field watch, a GMT, a pilot watch, a chrono, and a few digital watches.

Feel free to reach out to me by sending an email or DM on Instagram, Twitter or WatchCrunch.

Thanks for visiting!

Nenad Pantelic