Leather pass-through straps

Sometimes you don't care about performance, strenght, water resistance, or extreme durability. Sometimes you just want to look cool. A leather mil strap does the trick.

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Why we love them?

Leather pass-through straps are a great option when we want to enjoy the benefits of a pass-through strap while enhancing the look of watches and elevating our outfit and appearance.

  • No break-in period required
  • They are more comfortable compared to nylon options
  • They elevate the look and feel of a watch
  • Watch is secure from a spring bar failure

In the photo: Seiko SNK809 the leather pass-through strap.

leather pass-through watch strap

What it the average price of a leather pass-through strap?

Prices vary depending on the quality of the leather materials used, the quality of the metal hardware, and the brand.

An What it the average price of a quality leather pass-through is $60.

Higher-end options start from $100. They are usually made from exotic skins, shell cordovan, full-grain, or top-grain calfskin leather.

Who sells leather mil straps, any recommended stores?

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Most watch stores offer leather pass-through watch straps of some kind. It is not that difficult for companies to source or produce them, so the offering is extensive.

Basically, you can find a leather pass-through strap for any need you have or in any price range.

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Well-known platform from France which caters to both watch enthusiasts and businesses, offering an extensive range of premium products.

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FREE SHIPPING IN EU on all orders
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - on orders above €500

Handcrafted premium leather watch straps, specifically designed for vintage and modern watches, perfect for the collector who values the beauty of handmade designs.

Handmade straps

FREE SHIPPING - for all orders worldwide

Atelier Romane offers exquisite watch straps from France. Crafted with utmost care, they are luxuriously soft, comfortable, and they come in various sizes.

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B & R Bands is a Brooklyn based company specializing in replacement watch straps and accessories. They deliver a premium product at an affordable price point.

US SHIPPING - starting from $4.29
Int'l SHIPPING - starting from $17.00

Shop hundreds of watch bands for all types of watches. Many colors, lengths & widths, materials, and styles.

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Int'l Economy SHIPPING - only $5.99

Bulang and Sons is the home to watch lovers that have a taste for timeless quality and design. They sell an exclusive range of their own leather watch straps.

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FREE SHIPPING worldwide on all orders above €300

Carefully curated selection of premium watch straps and accessories from around the world.

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FREE US SHIPPING on all orders above $25

CNS offers the largest selection of nylon, zulu, perlon, elastic and regular leather watch straps at the best prices.

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FREE SHIPPING on all orders above $25

G.L.C. Straps is an online store that offers exclusively handmade straps using carefully selected materials. All straps are made in Rome, Italy.

Handmade straps

Int'l Express SHIPPING - from €15 to €20

Premium calfskin, suede, and exotic leather watch straps hand crafted by the finest artisans in Italy, the US, and around the world.

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French family-run company that has been crafting excellence in made-to-measure watch straps and leather goods since 1954.

Handmade straps

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Handmade leather watch straps, custom-made in Canada, available in numerous styles, materials, colors, and sizes.

Handmade straps

US First Class SHIPPING - around $4
US Priority SHIPPING - around $10
Int'l Tracked SHIPPING - around $20

Milano Straps offers an extensive range of online watch straps and watch bands, all crafted exclusively from premium Italian leather for unparalleled quality.

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Int'l USPS SHIPPING - fixed fee $30

Premium handmade leather watch straps made in US. Straps have quick-release spring bars, and hand painted edges to improve aesthetics and durability.

Deals & Coupons   Handmade straps

FREE US SHIPPING on all orders above $150
US Standard SHIPPING - only $5.95
Int'l SHIPPING - only $19.95

Strapatelier aims to deliver superior quality watch straps and accessories. They offer an array of handcrafted leather, suede, rubber, canvas, and nylon straps.

Deals & Coupons   Handmade straps

FREE Int'l SHIPPING - on all orders above $100
US Standard SHIPPING - around $30
Int'l Standard SHIPPING - around $12

Strapcode offers a large collection of leather straps, mesh and metal bracelets and other types of products that perfectly fit Seiko, Omega, IWC and other major watch brands.

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FREE US & Int'l SHIPPING on orders above $120
US Standard SHIPPING only $12 on orders below $120
Int'l Standard SHIPPING from $15 on orders below $120

StrapsCo is a family-run business that is passionate about providing the best selection of watch straps at reasonable prices for all types of watches.

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Express & Priority Options Available

A Singapore-based company providing an extensive selection of leather watch straps crafted from leathers sourced from the US, Italy, and France.

Deals & Coupons   Handmade straps

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Vario is an online store that is about variation and striking a balance between sophistication, quality, and fun.

FREE SHIPPING to most countries on orders above $25

UK online shop for all of the best in premium watch straps and top Swiss luxury watches for both men and women.

FREE UK SHIPPING on orders above £100
Royal Mail UK SHIPPING - only £3.95
Int'l Tracked SHIPPING - only £7.95

A French company offering a range of premium watch bands, including steel bracelets, Italian leather straps, nylon pass-through options, and rubber Tropic straps.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - on all orders above €120
Int'l Economy SHIPPING - from €10
Int'l Express SHIPPING - from €20