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CNS offers the largest selection of nylon, zulu, perlon, elastic and regular leather watch straps at the best prices.

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Stockholm, Sweden
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What types of straps does CNS & Watch Bands sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: They offer straps for watches that have lug spacing from 16mm up to 24mm. There are even a few options in 26mm and 28mm widths.

Understandably, the most popular models are made in sizes of 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm.

A really cool thing about CNS is the segmentation of some collections by length. That means you can refine the selection of 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm straps by regular, short, or long lengths.

Material: CNS & Watch Bands uses nylon, canvas, rubber, braided perlon, and leather to produce their straps. Of course, each of the mentioned materials has tons of options.

For example, they have various types of nylon: standard, seat-belt-like cotton-like, or ribbed.

When it comes to leather you can buy straps in bronco leather, suede, and nubuck, just to list a few.


Click on the link to visit a relevant collection:

By the way, they have twice as many collections than listed here, so definitely check them out on their website.

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cotton pass-through strap by CNS watch bands

Cotton Strap by CNS Watch Bands


October 6, 2023

About CNS & Watch Bands

CNS is a small family business that sells watch straps. Sofie, the owner, has a goal to give back to the watch community by re-investing in new watch strap models and producing a large collection of top-quality watch straps at reasonable prices.

She does not aim to have a "cool" brand like some competitors, instead focuses on fair business. He has set up his own production for not just nylon straps, but also leather watch bands and rubber straps. This allows Sofie to cut out the middlemen and sell directly to customers at a more reasonable price.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

They frequently offer discounts and promotions. In addition to reducing prices on their core collections, they also maintain a dedicated Sales page featuring various discounted products. Here is an overview.

Current deal: new
Sale prices on most strap types. Additional 20% bulk discount on 5+ straps.

Previous deals:
Throughout 2023: They offered discounted prices for most of their categories. Additionally, they consistently provide an additional 20% bulk discount on purchases of 5 or more straps.

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CNS & Watch Bands ships worldwide.

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