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Gunny Straps is a watch strap company founded in 2008. Every aspect of the straps is crafted by hand using traditional methods, with minimal use of tools.

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What types of straps does Gunny Straps Official sell?

Here is a list of the different types of straps they have available:

Width: They offer custom-tailored leather or canvas straps that fit the most popular watches from Rolex, AP, Panerai, and other luxury brands.

Gunny Straps accepts the challenge of creating a strap for watches that have an integrated bracelet. Think of Royal Oak or Nautilus. Basically, they can make a strap that accommodates your specific needs.

Material: They use leather of the highest quality including exotics such as crocodile or lizard skin. Leather finising can be grainy, smooth, or waxy.

In addition, Gunny Straps makes canvas straps. We even managed to find a carbon-fiber one.


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About Gunny Straps Official

Gunny Straps is a wristwatch strap company founded in 2008. Every strap is handmade using traditional techniques, with minimal use of tools, allowing for customization in size and shape.

Each strap is finished individually, making each one unique and a true work of art. They can make straps for nearly any watch brand and their models, no matter how unusual the case is, or what is the spacing between the lugs.

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