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Highest-quality leather watch straps at reasonable prices. Using proven traditional manufacturing methods their artisans create products that are made to last.

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Novi Sad, Serbia
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Two Stitch Straps leather strap

What types of straps does Two Stitch Straps sell?

Two Stitch Straps produces two-piece leather straps and leather natos.

Width: They offer straps in 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm lug widths, but they are capable of making custom straps in odd lug sizes.

Material: Most of their straps are made from either calf or shell cordovan leather. Two Stitch Straps uses smooth or distressed leather.

Pass-through straps are made out of quality high-strength seatbelt nylon webbing.


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What makes them special?

They can do super complex custom work. Endlink fitting, unusual colors and textures, custom tapering or stitching... you name it. Also, they have awesome customer support, and they are quick to reply.

It was a real pleasure ordering from them.

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About Two Stitch Straps

The company started when a small group of watch enthusiasts with specialized skills in leather production, marketing, and the watch industry decided to merge their professional knowledge with their hobby. The result of their efforts is the creation of high-quality watch straps made from the highest quality calf leather.

The manufacturing process is highly time-consuming and each strap is made with great care and attention to detail using only manual labor and traditional methods. The company's mission is to provide the highest quality watch straps and purchasing their products supports their business and helps it grow.

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They frequently run promotions and discounts, consistently offering discounts between 10% and 20% on their watch straps. Additionally, throughout the year, they provide a 10% discount via their newsletter. Check out a summary of their current and past deals.

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