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G.L.C. Straps is an online store that offers exclusively handmade straps using carefully selected materials. All straps are made in Rome, Italy.

Handmade straps

Rome, Italy



What types of straps does G.L.C. Straps sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: Their products are made in five sizes: 18mm, 19mm,20mm, 22mm, and 24mm. Tapering is a bit more pronounced resulting in the 3mm or 4mm width reduction at the buckle side (for example 20mm/16mm).

Material: G.L.C. Straps sells leather, nylon, and canvas straps. Leather is what they specialize in. They have straps made from following types of leather: vintage Italian leather, deer, Cordovan, French leather, Saffiano leather, ripstop leather, and suede.


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About G.L.C. Straps

G.L.C. Straps is an online store that offers straps handmade with selected materials, designed to stimulate the taste and attention of watch enthusiasts. Master craftsmen select the best leathers and work with a team of fashion experts to create unique creations capable of maximizing both the watch and the owner's taste.

G.L.C. Straps is aimed at collectors and connoisseurs of fine watchmaking who appreciate the uniqueness and originality of their products and was created to give satisfaction to those who want to wear a watch with an unusual strap.

Their greatest satisfaction is to give a second life to vintage watches from the 40s or 50s. They believe that nothing is ever taken for granted and that the elegance of the details, the quality of the materials can restore life and interest to any watch.

Shipping & delivery

G.L.C. Straps ships worldwide.

They use Express shipping and rates are between €15 and €20.