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Passionate brand that focuses solely on producing the finest hand crafted watch straps for for Panerai, Rolex, IWC and other luxury watch brands.

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San Diego, California, United States
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What types of straps does DaLuca Straps sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: They offer watch straps in all even widths from 18mm to 26mm. The majority of bands are made for watches that have 20mm, or 22mm wide lugs, but we praise them for offering 24 and 26mm straps made from top-quality Shell Cordovan.

Material: DaLuca Straps uses heavy-duty nylon, braided perlon, and leather to produce their straps.

DaLuca is well-known for their Shell Cordovan products which they offer as pass-through or two-piece bands.


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About DaLuca Straps

DaLuca Straps was founded in 2009 by Daniel Luczak in San Diego, California. The company started as a brand focused on producing high-quality handcrafted watch straps for Panerai watches, but has since expanded to offer a range of accessories, including wallets, belts, key chains, t-shirts, and hats.

The company values quality and simplicity, as well as providing exceptional customer service.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

They regularly offer promotions and discounts as part of their standard business approach. Usually discounts are within the 20% to 40% range. New customers who subscribe to their email can enjoy a 10% discount. Here is a detailed summary of their ongoing and past promotions.

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Previous deals:
February 2024: 15 year anniversary - 50% off all one of a kind straps with the code: 15YEARS.
January 2024: 20% off all Shell Cordovan mil straps with the code: MIL20
December 2023: 50% off all clearance items with the code: EXTRA50
Black Friday 2023: 35% off all straps with the code BLACK35
Labor Day 2023: 25% off entire order with the promo code: LABOR25
4th of July: 35% off entire order with the promo code: THE4TH
Spring 2023: 40% off all clearance items with promo code: 404040
March 2023: 20% off entire order with the promo code: TRAVEL20

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