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Handcrafted premium leather watch straps, specifically designed for vintage and modern watches, perfect for the collector who values the beauty of handmade designs.

Handmade straps

Barcelona, Spain



What types of straps does Atelier del Sur sell?

Here is a list of the different types of straps they have available:

Width: They offer straps in all widths from 16mm to 22mm. In addition, they accept custom orders.

Most of their two-piece straps have the 2mm taper at the buckle side, but 22mm straps can have a more pronounced tapering (22mm/18mm).

Material: Atelier del Sur uses leather of the highest quality for their straps. The selection is great: calfskin, suede, Shell Cordovan, and Saffiano. Straps are offered in various colors and finishes (smooth, gained, distressed and more).


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About Atelier del Sur

At Atelier Del sur, the focus is on creating a lifestyle for those who appreciate high-quality watch accessories. Each strap is crafted by a single artisan from start to finish, using carefully selected leather, with every step perfectly executed.

The team consists of watch collectors and leather artisans who aim to create what they have always searched for. The process may take longer but it guarantees exceptional quality.

In 2024 the company moved to Barcelona, Spain as part of a long-planned strategic initiative. This relocation aims to make it more convenient for customers to access the company's straps.

Shipping & delivery

Atelier del Sur ships worldwide.

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