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A French company offering a range of premium watch bands, including steel bracelets, Italian leather straps, nylon pass-through options, and rubber Tropic straps.




What types of straps does Wolbrook sell?

Here is a list of the different types of straps they have available:

Width: All products are available in a single width of 20mm. Most two-piece straps have a 2mm taper at the buckle side, although there are options with a more pronounced taper of 4mm (from 20mm to 16mm). Of course, their pass-through straps do not feature any tapering.

Material: Wolbrook sells straps and replacement bands made from leather, rubber, and nylon. Wolbrook Tropic straps are made of NBR vulcanized rubber, which is very durable, comfortable and resitant to oil and water.

In addition, they sell stainless steel beads of rice bracelets and mesh bands.


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About Wolbrook

Wolbrook Watches, originally founded in the USA in 1949, made the mark primarily in the sale of timepieces. After a 50-year absence, the brand experienced a revival in 2019. Today, the "incredible" tool watches are once again brought to life, with assembly now taking place in France.

In addition to their tool watches, Wolbrook extended the product line to include a selection of high-quality replacement straps and bracelets.

The company offers distinctive single-pass straps made from both nylon and leather materials. Also, within the watch community, Wolbrook is highly recommended for its Tropic rubber straps. As Wolbrook continues its journey, the brand seamlessly blends heritage and innovation, capturing the essence of timeless style in every watch and accessory they offer.

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