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Sweden's leading online retailer of watch straps for both watch enthusiasts and businesses. Great selection of quality products.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

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What types of straps does Singular Straps sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: The most popular models are made in widths of 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. If you need a strap for watches with 16mm or 24mm lug widths, then you can find several two-piece or pass-through options.

Material: Singular Straps offer rubber, leather, and canvas straps. In addition, they sell mesh metal bands.


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What makes them special?

Some brands are unreachable, cold or distant in their communication. That is not the case with the Singular Straps. They are sincere and super friendly. Helpful all across.

Also, I feel like I am giving away a secret by showcasing Singular Straps. I sort of want to "keep" them for myself, because they sell awesome pass-through straps. Their Nato Premium straps are second to none!

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About Singular Straps

Singular Straps is a company started in 2009 by Mikael Englund and his friend Luca, with the goal of providing more fun and colorful watch bracelets on the Swedish market. They were inspired by Italy and wanted to add a playful aspect to wearing watches, by replacing traditional straps with colorful NATO, Zulu, or leather straps.

Over time, the range has expanded to include other materials and types to appeal to all watch enthusiasts. The prices are reasonable and the goal of the company is not to compete with others, but to complement them and promote the passion for watches as more than just a utility item.

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