Review of the Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps

This Premium Nato strap is a good-looking, feature-rich option that won't break the bank. Casual wearers and enthusiasts will like the comfort and wearability. Experienced professionals will value its length and durability. Wait, could this be the perfect nato strap? Dang, it actually might be!

nenad pantelic profile photo Nenad Pantelic • November 15, 2023

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps StrapHunter rating 83 out of 100
Quality 83
Comfort 79
Design 83
Durability 88

The verdict: This strap has it all: soft and comfortable material, excellent build quality, and a great price that others will hardly beat. A true hidden gem. Highly recommended.

What we like?

  • Doesn't feel like a nylon
  • Very comfortable strap
  • Really nice stainless hardware
  • Matte colors
  • Long enough for professional use
  • Quality stitching

What we don't like?

  • Bend marks form quickly

The Full Review

Did you know that one of the best nato straps comes from Sweden? Neither did I.

I can still remember my search on Watchuseek forum for a strap recommendation. That's when I stumbled upon a response suggesting Singular Straps. Of course, I promptly added it to my Chrome bookmarks.

A few days later, I decided to give it a try. Singular Straps' website was primarily in Swedish, but I successfully navigated it and purchased a couple of straps. One of those was the Premium Nato pass-throught strap.

Today it is one of my favorite straps. What makes it special? Let's dig into the review.

Technical details

Brand Singular Straps
Width 22mm
Tapering None
Length 280mm
Material Nylon blend
Buckle Stainless steel; Brushed
Keepers Stainless steel; Stitched
Edges & cut lines Heat treated
Strap finishing Matte

The cool thing is that this strap is available in as many as eight colors. All the colors are matte and subdued, which is a big plus. Personally, I'm not a fan of shiny and seat-belt-like pass-through straps that often come in bright colors. This Nato Premium is just right for me.

As for the size, it is offered in 18mm, 20mm, and 22mm. I recommend that you check the category page because not all colors are available in all these sizes.

The hardware is brushed only. Again, that's a plus, too me


Originating from Sweden, Singular Straps stands out as one of the biggest watch strap retailers in Scandinavia, and Europe for that matter. They offer international shipping and have a solid collection of straps (nato, canvas, elastic, rubber...).

As I mentioned above, my introduction to Singular Straps came via the WatchUSeek forum, where the company got recommendations for their pass-through straps.

The ordering process is straightforward. Their online store, built on the Shopify platform, is easy to navigate. Just keep in mind that it is in the Swedish language, but that is not an obstacle for making a purchase. Chrome browser's machine translation is good enough.

Mikael, the owner, provides responsive and helpful customer service, if needed. All in all, Singular Straps offers a satisfying shopping experience.

Design and Materials

Yeah, yeah, the build quality is excellent. Stitched keepers, above-average metal hardware, a good length, tidy edges, and clean cut lines. All of that is impressive.

But the real story here is the material. I couldn't find more information about the material on the Singular Straps' website, so here's my description:

It doesn't feel like nylon! This is a big plus. The blend of materials leans more towards canvas or fabric than the plasticky feel of nylon. To the touch, it has a paper-like texture, which is quite unique. The closest feeling to this strap is the medium-weave nylon from Crown and Buckle.

Importand note As you can see from the images, I had cut the underside piece. When new, the strap has a standard NATO construction with the second underside piece and an additional keeper.

Another cool characteristic of this material is its pliability and softness. When you squash and bend the material, it doesn't instantly return to its previous shape. Instead, it keeps the memory of the bent shape.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
Really nice stainless steel hardware that has been stitched.
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
The blend of materials leans more towards canvas or fabric.
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
The pliable woven material holds its shape and conforms to the wrist.

Comfort and Durability

All the listed properties of the material result in a very comfortable strap. The Premium Nato wears exceptionally well. The pliable woven material holds its shape and conforms to the wrist.

This is not (just) a lifestyle strap for desk divers; it is a high-quality strap that can be used in the water for diving. That means, on most wrists, you'll have an excess part that can be folded back and tucked in. The good news is that you don't need to make any special effort to do so.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
The material is pliable and showcases an outstanding shape memory when bent.
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
When it comes to durability, this strap excels in that department.

After a few months of use, I decided to cut the underside piece and modify this strap into a single-pass design. In some cases, two layers of material are too much for me, so I chose to make this strap more wearable by eliminating one layer.

When it comes to durability, this strap excels in that department. I've had it for two years, and there are no tears or fraying; the material hasn't snapped or broken, and the color hasn't faded.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
The Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps

Since the material is soft, one of the holes for the buckle pin has loosened a bit. It's visible but doesn't affect the wearing experience.

Initial Usage The strap was comfortable during the first few wears. It is easy to achieve a good fit. Overall, an excellent wearing experience.

Three months of use There are no discolorations. The strap has formed the contour of the watch caseback, but this is not a defect, but rather proof of the softness of the material. I cut the underside piece on the grey model, so that strap is now a single-pass.

Two years of use After a few years of use, it is not difficult to see that it has held up well. The strap has acquired many bend marks, and the hole for the buckle has stretched slightly. Fortunately, there are no tears or fraying, the material hasn't snapped or become damaged, and the color hasn't faded. Personally, I like how the strap looks now.

Compatibility and Pairing Recommendation

The Premium Nato strap has a toolish design and a versatile matte color, making it a great match for a wide range of watch styles, from divers and pilots to field and chronograph watches. The casual, understated appearance of this strap won't steal the spotlight. But the nato strap will functionally serve its purpose. And that is the most important.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
For two years, this grey strap has been my go-to choice.

This Premium nato strap fits the majority of my watches, especially those with monochrome dials and brushed steel cases. If your watch has a few dings and scratches (like mine do), then the overall "watch + strap package" would looks awesome.

In my opinion, this strap is suitable for professional use. It has the necessary length to be worn over a wetsuit. Of course, it can go over the outerwear sleeve or jacket if worn by servicemen.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
Grey color looks awesome when paired with monochrome dials and brushed cases.
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
White is also monochrome, right? Well, white Duro looks great!
Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps
Where a black strap would be too mundane or boring, this grey feels just right.

Closing Words

I began this review by asking the question: "Is this the perfect nato strap?" It was a playful question, because we all know that the quest for the ideal watch strap is a never-ending journey. After spending two years with the Premium Nato from Singular Straps, I can confidently say that it has a lot going for it, yet it's not without a few drawbacks.

It is durable, comfortable, and it is made the most interesting blend of materials I ever got the chance to experience. It has certainly earned its place as one of my personal favorite pass-through options.

Of course, the pursuit for the perfect nato strap is far from over, and there will always be new contenders to explore. So, with another strap reviewed, I'm excited to move on to the next one, continuing the journey of finding the perfect nato strap for my collection.

Premium Nato Strap by Singular Straps StrapHunter rating 83 out of 100