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Rover Haven is a US-based one-man company that sells custom-made shell cordovan watch straps.

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Michigan, United States

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What types of straps does Rover Haven Straps sell?

Rover Haven produces two-piece leather straps and leather military straps.

Width: They offer straps for watches that have 20mm or 22mm lug spacing, but they are capable of making custom straps in any other size.

Material: All their straps are made from the highest quality Shell Cordovan leather sourced from the famous Chicago based Horween Leather Company.


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About Rover Haven Straps

Rover Haven is a Michigan-based company which specializes in crafting straps for military, vintage, tool, dive, and sport watches using Horween Leather Company's Shell cordovan.

Their straps are made by hand and can be found globally. The company differentiates itself with exceptional communication and service and is passionate about watches, travel, dogs, and beer.

Rover Haven also supports the Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.

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Rover Haven Straps ships worldwide.

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