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Watchbandit offers high quality straps at competitive prices, sourcing their straps from reputable manufacturers and skilled artisans.

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Watchbandit Straps

What types of straps does Watchbandit sell?

Here is a list of the different types of straps they have available:

Width: They offer watch straps in all even widths from 8mm to 24mm. The most popular ones are made for watches that have lug spacing of 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm.

When it comes to odd sizes, they offer 19mm and 21mm straps.

The shop is very well organized and you can filter any of the available collections by width (plus by many other criteria).

Material: Watchbandit sources straps and replacement bands made from leather, rubber, sailcloth, canvas, braided perlon, and nylon.

They have various types of leather: nubuck, deer leather, and calfskin with multiple finishes and treatments.


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Our reviews

Read the comprehensive reviews of the straps that have been tested by our team in real-world use.

FKM rubber watch strap

FKM Rubber Strap


July 15, 2023

About Watchbandit

WatchBandit is a platform for watch enthusiasts who are in search of unique and exceptional watches or straps. They focus on supporting small, independent and innovative watch and strap manufacturers to bring modern and contemporary products to customers. The goal is to support these manufacturers so they can continue to create innovative watches for the future.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

Discounts and promotions on watch straps are a rarity with them, occurring only a few times per year. Otherwise, they have one ongoing promotion for first-time buyers who can get a 5% discount. Take a look at the overview of their deals.

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New customers get 5% off their first order.

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