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Hawkrigger seamlessly blends tactical, outdoor, and casual styles, combining custom hardware, premium webbing, and cutting-edge design in their straps.

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What types of straps does Hawkrigger sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: Their most popular models are made in 20mm or 22mm widths. They also have product lines available in 18mm, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm.

Material: Straps are made from a very comfortable and flexible nylon that comes in various colors. Nylon webbing is either elastic or static (non-stretch).

What sets Hawkrigger apart are buckles. Straps have a very cool, proprietary watch clasp design.


Click on the link to browse all available styles: Hawkrigger watch straps.

About Hawkrigger

Hawkrigger specializes in creating watch straps and belts that bridge the gap between tactical, outdoor, everyday carry (EDC) gear, and casual wear. Stuart, the founder of Hawkrigger, was unable to find a belt that suited his lifestyle, as the market seemed to offer either flimsy casual belts or formal dress belts. He soon discovered Marine Corps style rigger belts, which were robust and functional but not suitable for everyday wear.

Recognizing that others might share the same feeling, Stuart decided to create Hawkrigger. He spent time researcing and eventually managed to reinvent the belt buckle by incorporating design features from climbing harnesses, tactical gear, and street fashion.

In 2015, Hawkrigger released its first products and received an overwhelming response. This positive feedback encouraged Hawkrigger to expand its product range beyond belts. Today, Hawkrigger continues to apply its design principles to various products, aiming to provide versatile and high-quality gear for everyday use.

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