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Precisely handcrafted by a sole artisan in Minneapolis, US, custom leather watch straps by Velle Alexander are a statement of excellence.

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Minneapolis, MN, United States

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Velle Alexander leather strap

What types of straps does Velle Alexander sell?

Alex, owner and artisan creates two-piece leather straps.

Width: Velle Alexander does custom work. All variations from 16mm to 24mm are possible out of the box, and for the specific needs you would create a request, and they will let you know if it is possible to manufacture a strap in the requested dimensions.

Material: All their straps are made from leather of the highest quality. They use alligator, crocodile, calfskin, goatskin, Horween shell cordovan, ostrich leg, and they also have unique & limited materials.


They do not have ongoing strap collections, since they do custom work. The following list showcases their leather selection where you can see all available options:

About Velle Alexander

Alexander started leather working as a hobby but it quickly became an all-consuming effort as he aspired to perfect every detail. Hobby eventually turned it into a business and brand in 2019.

Alex says he has not achieved perfection yet but the possibility of getting close compels him to keep pushing forward. He aims to make something of quality, something that satisfies the soul and inspires him to do his best work.

Shipping & delivery

Velle Alexander ships worldwide.