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Artem offers the finest sailcloth and nylon watch straps designed to fit Blancpain, Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Seiko and all other major watch brands

Adelaide, Australia



What types of straps does Artem Straps sell?

Artem Straps sells two-piece sailcloth bands and pass-through straps.

Width: They offer sailcloth straps in all widths from 19mm to 24mm. As far as pass-through straps are concerned they only produce them in 20mm width.

Material: They use really nice sailcloth for their two-piece straps, and nylon for pass-through ones.


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About Artem Straps

Artem is a brand of sailcloth watch straps, founded by two friends with a passion for horology. They felt the stock watch straps were not unique enough and sought to create high-quality sailcloth watch straps that were both comfortable and functional. They went through a journey of research and development to achieve this.

Their philosophy is to embody the artisan in their products and prioritize fine engineering for functionality. They are unique in that they were not looking to make a product for the average consumer, but rather, to make the perfect strap for their collection.

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Artem Straps ships worldwide.

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