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DStrap is a one-person business from the Netherlands that specializes in creating hand-tailored straps. Each strap is authentic, unique, and fully customized.

Handmade straps

Alkmaar, Netherlands



What types of straps does Dstrap sell?

Olaf, owner and artisan creates two-piece leather straps.

Width: Dstrap offers straps in all even sizes from 18mm to 28mm lug widths. Of course, they are capable of making custom straps in odd lug sizes, at your request.

Material: They use leather of the highest quality, primarily calfskin, and camel leather. In addition, Dstrap makes canvas straps. They source canvas from various military surplus items, mostly from the Dutch Army.


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About Dstrap

Olaf, the founder, started DStrap out of frustration after purchasing a Panerai watch strap from a jewelry store. Strap was was poorly packaged, expensive, and shrunk when cleaned with water.

He wanted to create a more enjoyable experience for customers, with authentic, original, hand-made watch straps, packaged in a cool, handmade craft paper box. After much practice, DStrap was created and now delivers hand-made watch straps to customers all around the world.

Shipping & delivery

Shipping details to come soon