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E.S straps are crafted by hand in Australia using only the finest locally sourced materials.

Handmade straps

Adelaide, Australia



What types of straps does ES Handcrafted sell?

ES Handcrafted produces two-piece leather straps and leather pass-through straps.

Width: They offer straps in all widths from 18mm to 22mm, but they are capable of making custom straps for watches that have any other lug spacing.

Material: Exclusively ethically-sourced leather of the highest quality. ES Handcrafted uses kangaroo leather, goatskin, crocodile, ostrich, Shell Cordovan, and high quality cow vegetable tan leather.


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About ES Handcrafted

Erfan, the owner, is a self-taught leather crafting enthusiast who started making leather watch straps due to frustration with the quality and price of available straps.

He aims to create pieces with high workmanship and quality materials at competitive prices. He has a background in medical science and quality/risk management which has helped him develop a keen eye for detail.

Erfan started his brand, E.S Handcrafted, in 2017 and has gradually added more designs to his collection. He draws inspiration from his location in Adelaide, Australia, where he sources high-quality and durable leather hides.

He crafts each product individually to the customer's specifications, using mostly vegetable-tanned leather, which is environmentally friendly and unique.

Shipping & delivery

Shipping details to come soon.