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A company crafting handmade watch straps from the finest leathers for personalized fitment and lasting enjoyment. Made in America.

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What types of straps does Europelli sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: They currently offer straps in sizes such as 18x18mm, 19x19mm, 20x20mm, 21x21mm, 22x22mm, 23x23mm, 24x24mm, and 26x26mm, available in any length.

Europelli straps measure around 4 to 4.5mm in thickness upon completion.

Material: Exclusively ethically-sourced leather of the highest quality.

One significant advantage they have over competitors is their close proximity to Horween Leather Co. Every single hide offered within the handmade section has been personally hand-selected by the Europelli team.

Europelli also offers Limited Edition straps that are made from True Vintage Military and Antique Maduro Calfskin leathers. These hides are exceptionally unique, irreplaceable, and very rare.


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About Europelli

Europelli Custom Handmade Watch Straps, situated near Lake Michigan and Dunes National Park, USA, specializes in crafting 100% handmade watch straps without the use of machinery. Using traditional saddle stitching techniques, each strap undergoes meticulous manual processes, including hand punching stitch holes, hand sewing, burnishing, and skiving.

The company prides itself on using top-notch materials such as high-quality leathers, anti-fray and anti-fade stitching, and premium adhesives. With a unique advantage of close proximity to the renowned Horween Leather, a fifth-generation family-owned tannery in Chicago, Europelli ensures the selection of the finest leather for their handmade straps, emphasizing a commitment to unparalleled quality.

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Europelli ships worldwide.

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