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Australian-made utilitarian straps for your tool watch, crafted from elastic material by a solo artisan.

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Important: Frogsquadstraps is currently not in operation.

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frogsquadstraps elastic watch strap

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Frogsquadstraps is currently not in operation.

What types of straps does Frogsquadstraps sell?

They exclusively offer elastic watch straps in various configurations.

Width: Frogsquadstraps products are made in two sizes: 20mm or 22mm.

Material: The straps are made from a woven elastic nylon that is exceptionally comfortable and flexible, and available in a variety of colors and designs (solid, with central line, striped...).


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About Frogsquadstraps

Frogsquadstraps is currently not in operation.

Founded in 2021 by owner Luke, Frogsquadstraps is making waves with its unconventional approach to elastic watch straps. Based in Australia, the company has quickly gained attention for its commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional designs and constructions.

The company has successfully developed four distinctive collections of elastic watch straps, each featuring a unique set of utilitarian features.

One of the key aspects that separates Frogquad Straps is Luke's commitment to constant innovation. Luke regularly introduces new colors and designs. His passion for challenging the status quo remains at the forefront of the company's ethos.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

It's not common for them to offer discounts and promotions. They usually provide discounts on particular collections of straps. Here is an overview:

Current deal:
They don't have any deals in place.

Previous deals:
Black Friday 2023: All Parafrog straps are 50% off. Use the code PARAFROG.

Shipping & delivery

Frogsquadstraps ships worldwide.