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Collection of watch bands made from Epsom calf leather and curated by a true connoisseur.

Handmade straps

Los Angeles, United States



What types of straps does Keepiece sell?

Keepiece sells two-piece leather straps.

Width: Their straps models are made in 18mm, 19mm, or 20mm. Tapering is usually 2mm, but the some sizes have a more pronounced taper (19mm/16mm and 20mm/16mm).

Material: Keepiece uses 100% genuine, sustainably sourced Epsom calf leather. Straps are available in multiple color options.


Click on the link to browse all available straps: Epsom straps.

About Keepiece

Keepiece was founded in 2017 to provide handmade luxury watch straps to the watch community. The founders believe that a strap can be just as important as the watch and they offer a custom strap option to make a one of a kind strap that suits the wearer's needs.

They provide a platform for those looking for their first timepiece or to sell their watch, with offices in Melbourne and Los Angeles. They offer a lifetime guarantee on their product, knowing they provide the best product and experience to their customers.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

There are only a few deals with them each year when it comes to watch straps. Here is a summary of their current and previous deals.

Current deal:
There are no available deals.

Previous deals:
Black Friday 2023: Use the code BF2023 for 20% off straps.
Black Friday 2022: Buy 2 or more straps for $49 each

Shipping & delivery

Shipping details to come soon.