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Luff straps are designed and produced in Singapore. They focus on bringing in unique features to enhance wearability and eliminate bulk on the wrist.




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What types of straps does Luff Watch Strap sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: Their models are made in widths of 20mm, and 22mm. If you need a strap for watches with 18mm lug width, then you can find a few two-piece leather options.

Material: Luff Watch Strap's bands are either made out of nylon or leather. They have several types of nylon such as elastic, woven, or seat-belt. Epsom and suede are used to produce their leather straps.


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About Luff Watch Strap

Luff is an online store for watch straps that was founded in 2019. They design and produce straps in Singapore using the best manufacturers.

The company focuses on creating unique designs and special features to enhance functionality while also reducing bulk on the wrist. Their straps are customized in both appearance and engineering to provide a one-of-a-kind product. They also have a feature that allows the straps to be worn in two ways, and the straps are designed to have a minimal bulk on the wrist.

Quality is a top priority, with everything from the nylon to the buckles and keepers being carefully selected for the best possible product for consumers.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

Luff Watch Strap has an ongoing deal for the purchase of multiple straps. Additionally, they only carry out a few sitewide sales per year, mainly around Black Friday. Here's a summary of their current and previous deals.

Current deal: new
Buy 3 get 15% off: Calculated at checkout

Previous deals:
Christmas sale 2023: 12% off all products.
Black Friday 2023: 25% off if you buy 3 straps.
Black Friday 2023: 30% off if you buy 5 straps.
Black Friday 2023: 40% off if you buy 7 straps.
Throughout 2023: Buy three straps and get 20% off with a code: 3BUY20

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Luff Watch Strap ships worldwide.

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