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Mushi presents a collection of high-quality watch bands crafted from top-grade canvas, rubber, and leather materials. Their diverse range of product lines caters to watch enthusiasts across the world.

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Mushi watch straps

What types of straps does Mushi Watch Straps sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: All their models are made in either 20mm or 22mm widths.

Material: Mushi Watch Straps uses nylon, canvas, rubber, and leather for their straps. They are particularly famous for their waxed canvas straps.

They have various types of nylon: standard, seat-belt like, fluted, woven, and perlon, just to list a few.


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About Mushi Watch Straps

The company's mission is to deliver the highest quality watch accessories to collectors. They handle all distribution and quality assurance in-house, guaranteeing a consistent experience regardless of where they live or how many times they place an order. With over fifteen years of experience in watch collecting, they are dedicated to ensuring that every horology enthusiast has precisely what they need.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

They frequently roll out discounts and promotions, consistently featuring a 15% to 25% discount on their watch straps.

Current deal:
They don't have any deals in place.

Previous deals:
Black Friday 2023: 25% off sitewide with the code: TURKEY25
September 2023: 15% off entire store with the code VACATION
September 2023: 20% off sitewide with the code: LABORDAY

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