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Manufacturer of extermely comfortable elastic watch bands thay use the industry’s first ever “Hook and Loop” closure system.

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What types of straps does Nick Mankey Designs sell?

NMD produces and sells elastic pass-through straps.

Width: Their products are made in five sizes: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, and 26mm.

Material: Straps are constructed with 1.8mm military-grade twill woven elastic webbing renowned for its exceptional comfort and softness during the casual or professional use.


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About Nick Mankey Designs

Nick Mankey started NMD in 2014 after being disappointed with the quality and prices of retail leather goods. His aim is to create unique and affordable items that everyone can enjoy.

With a background in Architecture and Graphic Design, Nick has been working as a designer, photographer, and media manager for five years and is now pursuing his passion for crafting full-time. When he's not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, petting his dog Joy, and taking on new hobbies.

All straps offered by NMD are designed and built to order from raw materials by Nick himself.

Deals, coupon codes, and promotions

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Current deal:
No deals available.

Previous deals:
Black Friday 2023: Take 25% off sitewide, no codes needed.
Autumn 2023: Buy two straps and get 20% off your entire order.
Summer 2023: The Original Hook Strap for $20 instead of $34. This was the end of a line sale.

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