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Premium canvas watch straps handcrafted from repurposed fabric materials sourced from vintage military and army surplus suppliers.

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Postale canvas two piece watch strap

What types of straps does Postale sell?

They primarily create two-piece canvas straps. In addition Postale offers single-pass straps.

Width: They offer straps in 18mm, 20mm, or 22mm lug widths, but they are capable of making custom straps in any other lug size dimensions.

Material: Postale straps are made from repurposed canvas materials. They mostly source fabric from a vintage military surplus. Also, they use materials from outdoor & camping gear.


Click on the link to browse all available styles and see examples of finished products: Postale Watch Straps on Instagram.

About Postale Watch Straps

Postale Watch Straps is a Finland-based company that specializes in crafting straps for military, vintage, tool, dive, and sports watches using repurposed fabric materials.

Sampo, the owner, creates each strap by hand and truly provides a custom-tailored artisan experience.

Sampo works hard to match clients' unique personalities and he usually works with them to create a design that suits their preferences and watch brands. All straps are made in Finland, and worn all around the world by many satisfied customers.

Shipping & delivery

Postale ships worldwide. All straps are produced and shipped from Finland.