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Substation Ltd. handcrafts premium straps using traditional techniques. Each strap is a one-of-a-kind creation by a single artisan from Seattle, made from vintage Filson waxed canvas.

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Substation Ltd. canvas two piece watch strap

What types of straps does Substation sell?

Substation Ltd. produces two-piece and single-pass straps made from repurposed iconic waxed canvas sourced from across the Pacific Northwest.

Width: Matt, the artisan behind the company, offers custom-made watch straps. The straps can be made in sizes ranging from 16mm to 24mm.

If you have specific needs that require a strap in different dimensions, you can submit a request to Matt. He will then let you know if it is possible to manufacture a strap in the requested size.

Material: They primarily use waxed canvas, with a preference for repurposed Filson fabrics. Filson's waxed cotton is highly durable and water-resistant, earning a reputation as the best fabric for protection in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest. The tight weave of this canvas provides excellent wear & tear resistance, while the special wax treatment repels rain and water.

Matt has acquired various fabrics, including deadstock materials, old Filson products, and some special limited edition collaboration fabrics that Filson has developed with various designers and brands over the years.


Since they primarily do custom work, they do not have ongoing and ready-to-wear strap collections. We advise contacting them, and they will guide you in designing an ideal strap for your specific requirements.

About Substation Ltd.

Substation Ltd. is a US-based company specializing in creating one-of-a-kind canvas straps made from premium waxed canvas using traditional techniques.

The story begins a few years ago with Matt, a native of Seattle and a passionate admirer of Filson's legacy who found inspiration in the rugged beauty of Filson's waxed canvas. One day, he decided to try to make a strap from this famous wax canvas. The results were amazing, and he was hooked.

Since then, Matt has been acquiring Filson fabrics, deadstock materials, old jackets, bags, and repurposing them into unique straps that are both functional and beautiful. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, and Substation Ltd. is gradually opening doors and offering their watch straps to the public.

At Substation Ltd., they are committed to delivering the highest quality products to their clients. Matt constantly experiments with techniques, layouts, and designs of his straps, working on his craft and getting the best results for a given client's use case.

Shipping & delivery

Substation Ltd. ships worldwide.

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