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Toshi Straps offers custom-made, artisanal leather watch straps in the UK, catering to all watch brands such as Panerai, Anonimo, Breitling, and more.

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What types of straps does Toshi Straps sell?

Here is the list of strap types they offer:

Width: Toshi Straps specializes in creating straps of any desired width. The available options include standard widths such as 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, and 26mm. Customers can also enjoy the flexibility of custom orders, enabling them to request straps in widths beyond the standard range.

One important note: Toshi Straps products never taper. The straps keep a uniform width on both the lug side and the buckle side.

Material: The company only works with leather. They select only the best leathers from tanneries around the world. The selection is great: Shell Cordovan, deer, cowhide, ox leather, bovine leather, just to mention a few.


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About Toshi Straps

Richard, the founder of the company began making watch straps as a hobby in 2006 and gained experience in working with leather. After receiving requests from other watch collectors, the founder decided to turn this hobby into a business.

In 2008, Toshi Straps officially launched with a website and a workshop set up in a spare bedroom. Richard's attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality products are key principles of the company. Every strap is hand made, and no part of the process is outsourced or automated. The founder believes that hand stitching is superior to machine stitching, despite the time it takes, as it ensures durability and longevity.

Toshi Straps has gained a reputation for its dedication to craftsmanship, and although there may be a waiting list for their products, customers are assured of receiving a strap that meets the highest standards. The founder continues to personally hand stitch every strap using a 4-ply waxed linen thread and a traditional saddle stitch technique, which provides strength and prevents unraveling.

In 2013, Toshi Straps relocated from London to North Devon.

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Toshi Straps delivers worldwide. Shipping is free of charge anywhere in the world with the purchase of any strap.

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