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A collection of handmade watch straps and military-style watch bands designed to withstand any terrain, environment, or condition.

Handmade straps

Liverpool, United Kingdom



What types of straps does Zulu Alpha Straps sell?

Zulu Alpha produces and sells pass-through straps.

Width: All their straps are made in either 20mm or 22mm of width.

Material: Zulu Aplha Straps use polyester. Material is 1.2mm thick and has a firm texture. It is specially crafted to endure tough conditions and offers a higher level of resistance to wear and tear compared to regular nylon watch straps. Additionally, its properties allow for quicker drying compared to other conventional straps.


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About Zulu Alpha Straps

The owner started the brand in search of a suitable strap for his Breitling watch. He found inspiration from an old rifle sling and began to make his own straps. The demand for the product grew quickly, and the brand had to make more robust straps by revising the stitch pattern and weave.

Zulu Alpha transitioned from a hobby business to a full-time one and became disruptive in the industry, leading to growth and consistency. The company moved to a 500 square foot workshop and later expanded to 2000 square feet to create new product ranges and manage corporate orders.

The team grew to three and the brand has worked consistently with brands such as Sangin Instruments and Vertex.

Shipping & delivery

Zulu Alpha Straps ships worldwide.

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