[VIDEO] Greg Petronzi from "True Patina" Compares Vintage and Contemporary Pass-Through Military Straps

In a recent YouTube video, a watch enthusiast and watchmaker, Greg Petronzi from "True Patina", shared a very cool video focusing on pass-through straps. Inspired by the responses to a photo he shared of vintage watch straps from his collection, Greg decided to dig deeper into the history, design evolution, and material disparities between vintage and contemporary straps.

nenad pantelic profile photo Nenad Pantelic • March 6, 2024

Vintage vs. Contemporary

With a sharp eye for details, Grag compared vintage straps with their modern counterparts. He primarily focused on natos manufactured by Phoenix, the UK company administered by the MoD to supply the military with pass-through straps.

Material Variation:
One of the biggest differences is in the webbing. Vintage straps, particularly those in the classic Admiralty Gray color, had a diverse array of hues, ranging from grays to hints of teal and even purple. In contrast, contemporary iterations feature a darker, more uniform blue tone.

Hardware Construction:
There are also disparities in hardware construction. Vintage straps often were equipped with thinner keepers. Additionally, the hardware was typically made from chrome-plated brass, gradually revealing the underlying brass as the chrome patina wore off over time.

Thickness and Feel:
Greg noted a difference in thickness between vintage and contemporary straps. Vintage ones measured approximately 1.2mm thick, while contemporary counterparts hovered around 1mm thick.

Engage with Greg and True Patina

This video is all about straps, but Greg has more to offer. He does vintage Rolex restorations, and even mods of modern watches too. Stay connected with Greg and "True Patina" on social media for updates and more cool stuff.

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