Zulu Alpha Straps Launches "Making Time" Podcast, Offering an Inside Look at the Watch Industry

In a cool move for the watch community, Zulu Alpha Straps, known for their high-quality pass-through watch straps, has jumped into the world of podcasting with their latest venture, "Making Time". Launched in December 2023, the podcast is quickly gaining popularity among enthusiasts.

nenad pantelic profile photo Nenad Pantelic • January 24, 2024

making time podcast
"Making Time" Podcast - Photo: @Zulu Alpha Straps

Presented in an interview-style format, each episode features Darren, the host, in conversation with personalities from the watch industry. Each episode offers a behind-the-scenes look into the journeys of founders and owners, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the watch market.

What sets "Making Time" apart is its commitment to providing not just audio but also video content. Episodes are uploaded on YouTube.

Behind the Scenes

Episodes of "Making Time" are released weekly. The podcast's motto, "A insight to the behind the scenes of the watch industry. Talking to founders and owners about their journey into the market" defines its mission to give us a backstage pass into the inner workings of the watch world.

Zulu Alpha Straps, the brains behind the podcast, is a UK-based company renowned for its pass-through straps, often inspired by military designs. Having collaborated with esteemed brands such as Sangin Instruments and Vertex, Zulu Alpha Straps brings a wealth of expertise and connections to the table.

By the way, we have to praise podcast's professionally designed logo, which features smart details and multiple Easter eggs 👌

Take a moment to give it a listen and enjoy the content.

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