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The most extensive listing of watch strap stores in the United Kingdom organized by strap type.

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Our curated list of stores includes some of the best options available in the UK, with a range of styles and price ranges to suit every taste and budget.

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The UK company that creates watch straps with a military-inspired style that served as a source of inspiration for the modern-day pass-through straps.

UK SHIPPING - only £7
Int'l Standard SHIPPING - only £7

A UK-based company specializes in providing an extensive selection of watch straps that cater to both casual watch lovers and enthusiasts.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - on orders above £35
US SHIPPING - around £5
Int'l SHIPPING - around £5

Bespoke-made nylon watch straps. Tons of personalization options which include buckle laser engraving and custom webbing coloring.

Shipping details to come soon

A company located in the UK specializing in the sale of FKM pass-through straps featuring either sandblasted or black metal hardware.

FREE UK SHIPPING - on all orders
Int'l Royal Mail SHIPPING - around $17

Monkey Swag est.2009, manufacturers of a large selection of vintage leather, performance sports, rubber divers & sailcloth watch straps.

Int'l Airmail SHIPPING - only £5.95
Int'l Tracked & Signed SHIPPING - only £12.50

UK online shop for all of the best in premium watch straps and top Swiss luxury watches for both men and women.

FREE UK SHIPPING on orders above £100
Royal Mail UK SHIPPING - only £3.95
Int'l Tracked SHIPPING - only £7.95

Waterproof rubber & made to measure pass-through watch straps. Toughest on the planet!

Handmade straps

FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders
Int'l Standard SHIPPING - only £4.85
Int'l Tracked SHIPPING - only £9.85

A collection of handmade watch straps and military-style watch bands designed to withstand any terrain, environment, or condition.

Handmade straps

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over £150
Int'l Economy SHIPPING - only £16.00
Int'l DHL Express SHIPPING - only £24.10